Just taking a minute to say how much I appreciate how hard you work to help others!

Jeff Cates, President of Intuit Canada

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all you do for accountants and bookkeepers and for your support of QBO.

I am sure it is hectic for you and you have so much on your plate that it has to be hard to balance it all.

You are such an inspiration to many accounting professionals and I know my team gets great energy from all you do and what  you represent.

Thank you!

Chris Fudge, Business Unit Lead for Accountants and Intuit Canada Inc.

You create such a welcoming, supportive and optimistic work environment which is a rare thing. But also, introducing me to Quickbooks has been a game changer for Strawberry Snail Illustrations. I read a lot of how-to books and articles about artists in the business and they all stress the same thing: use an accounting system! Look at your money at least once a month! And I’m all like, yep, I got that!

Therese Cilia,  Strawberry Snail Illustrations 

Jennie became our bookkeeper in February 2013 and has transformed our business. She got us paperless so that everything I need to run my business is securely stored online (not lost in file folders or boxes of paper receipts!).

Jennie became our bookkeeper in February 2013 and has transformed our business. She got us paperless so that everything I need to run my business is securely stored online (not lost in file folders or boxes of paper receipts!).

First she migrated us to Intuit Quickbooks Online, then she trained me to do my own payroll, which takes me 15 minutes and keeps me far better in tune with staff time and my expenses. She’s on the cutting edge of technology and her efficiency and accuracy is incredible. Moore Details Bookkeeping reduced my annual bookkeeping expenses by 37% saving me thousands of dollars while moving me to new bookkeeping and mobile phone expense tracking software.

I strongly recommend Jennie at Moore Details Bookkeeping!

Dave L, Business Owner

I’ve known Jennifer for over a decade now when we both worked together at Halla Climate Control. When starting my own company and I realized I needed a bookkeeper, I knew Jennie would be perfect.

Jennie is a straight shooter who tells me what the deal is and not just what I want to hear. She works with me to ensure that my bookkeeping is easy and helps me keep on top of my cash flow and expenses.

She’s a great bookkeeper and a wonderful person.

Todd Lamothe Senior Consultant at Nattrac Consulting Ltd.

Jennifer is one of the early surfers of Cloud Accounting and definitely an expert of QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. She successfully built her own bookkeeping business completely based on Cloud, while still managed taking care of her family at the same time. I am always impressed by her passion and tireless energy, I can feel she truly loves what she does in her life. Jennifer is and will always be my role model

Jessie Bull, Account Manager at Intuit Canada

Although I had several clients already working on QBO, the reason was that it suited their business and enabled both of us to work on the files without having to send an accountants copy back and forth.  I was still a staunch QB Desktop supporter.  Desktop is quicker, has batch entry, more flexibility for the bookkeeper / accountant to make back end changes that we don’t need to call for help with.  Other than a sharing of the file, the only real benefit I saw QBO had over desktop was that when making a deposit, we could now add in a tax code.  So if someone received a refund for a return of a purchase, this was much easier to enter.  Then comes the first meeting of our support group.  It is also prudent to note, that we joined together for support because of Jennie, as she is the one who found us and suggested we meet up I the first place.  This was a life changing day for me.  I have been overworked lately and was at capacity, yet did not make enough money to hire someone, but did not want to max out as I really was not making enough money for what I was doing to satisfy me.  So I mentioned this to Jennie and Tammatha and they told me there was a better way.  They had both embraced QBO and all the apps, as well as Ron Bakers Value pricing.  Tammatha had to leave, so Jennie took me into her office and showed me the apps and what they can do for me.  Now, I do still believe that QBO on its own, is still rather clunky vs desktop, however when you integrate the right apps, this makes a huge difference and pushes QBO way ahead of desktop.  I left with Jennie’s excitement and started my journey by jumping both feet in to learn these apps, integrate them with my own practice, which was still on desktop itself until after the meeting.  I watched the recorded webinars of Ron Bakers Value pricing multiple times and have re-worked my business plan.  I have 4 new companies signed up on the new way using the apps Jennie showed me, and can’t wait to get my existing clients switched over.  I have reached out to 3 other bookkeepers I know, to get them training and certified on QBO and the apps I use as I plan to grow the business by leaps and bounds next year.  I have new found energy for what I do, and this frees up more time so that I can actually work with the client, who I now call partners, as I can truly create a partnership with them rather than just work on their books.  If I can help free them up and give them more guidance, their business will increase and so will mine.  Thanks Jennie for showing me how to work smarter, not harder!!

Tanya Hilts

Bookkeeper  l  Tax Practitioner  l  Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor  l  QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor

The day I met Jennie Moore was a game changer.

I have been building my practice for the last two years and BOOM!  Decided to move out of my home office into a lovely office space in Stirling Ontario.  During the planning stages, I was fortunate enough to touch base via email with another local bookkeeper by the name of Jennie Moore.  And did she know her stuff!

After surviving tax season (and yes, I’m still mopping up from that), we planned a coffee/networking break to get to know each other.  What a morning!  To find a person that was as passionate about Quickbooks Online as I am was refreshing.  As a matter of fact, within minutes, I started feeling like she was the long lost sister that I never had.

Wait for it…. And then she started to share her knowledge of the apps that she uses with QBO.  After mopping my chin up from the floor and absorbing a head full of information about the apps, the phone numbers and contacts that she connected me to with Intuit, Odyssey, and Receipt Bank, it was time for me to leave.  Talk about self imposed homework.  I immediately started seeing how these apps/people/contacts could help me become more efficient in my business.  Keeping my costs to a minimum.

Fast forward to this week.  I’m now using Receipt Bank like a PRO!.  Signing up my client’s and encouraging them to see the value that these apps bring to the table!  BUT WAIT!  Now it’s time for Jennie to introduce me to more valuable tools that I never even knew were at my disposal.

Method:CRM.  What can I say about this app?  I am so excited to say that I am just in the testing phase of seeing how this can better manage myself, my workload, and my staff.

So, What can I say about Jennie Moore?  What can I say about her knowledge level of the apps that integrate so well with QBO?  What can I say about her energy levels that she brings to each and every conversation?

Thank you Jennie.  You are THE game changer.  I look forward to continuing to work with you. I look forward to growing, and I look forward to the new friendship with a like minded individual that has the same passion for QBO that I have.

Tammantha Denyes  TD Accounting Services Stirling, Ontario, Canada.  Twitter @TDAccounting TDaccountingsServices.ca

Thanks for your enthusiasm in our industry & for being an unique leader with a bigger than life passion.

Tanis Young IPBC Bookkeeper