Making a choice to move to a cloud accounting platform is one thing. Managing an array of applications that integrate into that cloud accounting platform is another.


You’ll often hear the term “eco-system” when nerds like me rant about cloud accounting. An eco-system is leveraging third party applications to enhance your Quickbooks Online portal.

Like choosing which topping to put on a pizza there are many applications with different qualities that can make your life easier. Although this page is not geared to provide you with advice it is to let you in on the insider knowledge I have. The stuff I use personally in my practice or have mentored other accounting professionals with. In short. You hit the jackpot!

There is no paycheque here. This is good old-fashioned feedback on applications that are “Jennie Approved”. To become approved the application company must invest a significant amount of demo and training time to review their offering. Sometimes this means obtaining feedback and going back to the drawing board. Then I have to use it. It’s not enough to say I am aware of it. I need to get in and see it for myself.

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The Latest #JennieApprovedApp is…


Tsheets – is a time tracking application that syncs with Quickbooks Online other applications like Wagepoint (integrating early 2017). Gone are the days of tracking time for hourly employees … or salary. Tsheets offers many solutions to have employees clock in and clock out. It’s worth your time to check it out.

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Easy integration & set up
  • Employee training is simple with Tsheets robust smart phone app
  • Amazing customer service….yes it so amazing its worth saying it twice.




Hubdoc_Logo   small250px

Hubdoc #MustHaveApp – They are the Golden Retrievers to eliminate paper in your office! Imagine taking a two week vacation and not having to return to a paper hangover. That’s right. I travel. Lots! Hubdoc keeps my data moving.

Hubdoc Vcay Photo 2016

What kind of data? They fetch my clients bank and credit statements. But these energetic pups don’t stop there. They go and fetch bills too! My clients love the mobile application that enables them to snap photos of their point of sale receipts while on the go at their favourite coffee shop or office supply store. I love it because it let’s me be paperless!

As an added bonus your are entitled to receive a free Hubdoc account to use for your own practice. Yip. That’s one nice #Hubdog.


wgepoint-logo_2x   small250px

Wagepoint #MustHaveApp– Eliminate your payroll pain. Talk about working smarter not harder! This powerhouse application is your one stop shop for payroll! Don’t believe me? Here are my favourite features. Direct Deposit, Employee Portal for Paystubs & T4’s, Service Canada integration for Record of Employment forms, automatic remittance to the Receiver General for payroll withholding amounts including EHT! The auto-run feature for salary organizations is a huge time saver. Here is my personal favourite. WSIB remittances withheld and source and automatically remitted to the board. Can I hear a whoot whoot!

But don’t be take my word for it. Call them. Test it. Oh and don’t you know? The payroll processing fees for your practice’s employees are free! Say what?! Yup.


Track by Wagepoint Logo   small250px

Track by Wagepoint – a payroll time tracking & scheduling that integrates into Wagepoint and Quickbooks Online (see above). With track your payroll pain is solved.

Find out how easy payroll can be for you and your employees using Track


Invoice Sherpa Logo   small250px

Invoice Sherpa #MustHaveApp–  Got time for accounts receivable collections? Didn’t think so. Neither do I! Invoice Sherpa is your perky little accounts receivable clerk. But don’t let little be a sign of weakness. Its one powerful application that boosts your cash flow. How so? Because it automatically reminds your clients that an invoice is due and offers a vast array of payment options to help you get paid. You can even schedule calls for those very late clients who need an extra kick in the a$$!

This application has paid for itself time and time again. Once I integrated Invoice Sherpa I noticed a huge increase in my AR collections! This application is not limited to your practice. Imagine the possibilities of it integrated for your clients. I’m thinking they would love faster AR turn around just like us.



Plooto logo   small250px

Plooto #MustHaveApp– Nope not the planet. Though it is out of this world! Plooto is your solution to #BoycottCheques. Yip you heard it here. Plooto’s seamless integration with Quickbooks Online makes it a wonderful application to cut down on high cheque processing costs. Not to mention your bank reconciliations will be a snap. Imagine no more outstanding cheques to reconcile against. With dual stage authorization your clients are sure to love you!



Finagraph– An app that integrates directly into Quickbooks Online to give you and your client the financial feedback needed to scale their business. Its a collaborate tool. Allowing you to either involve  your client or forward “snap shots” of their financial performance.

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Easy to collaborate with your client…no screen shots or clunky hacks to get them their feedback.
  • Benchmarking against industry
  • Easy to see trouble points (i.e. sucky cashflow, low current ratio etc.)


Float-Logo-Colour-on-dark      small250px

Float-Keep track of cash to float your boat! What is neat about this integration with Quickbooks Online is the interface. It allows your client to use the application for short term forecasting with out being bogged down with all the particulars. Its “just the fact’s mam”!

Want to do scenario cash flow? Not a problem just dock your boat with Float to see various “what-if” scenarios.


IMG_0647.PNG   small250px

Practice Ignition– 5,4,3,2,1 Ignite your practice is Practice Ignition. This application is simply astronomical! Our Professors would look down on us with narrowed looks if we didn’t keep our engagement letters in proper form. But who has time for that?! No need to worry PI is here to save the day!

Practice Ignition keeps your engagement letters and contracts virtual. Why? Two words.


You can easily adjust your scope of services with amended service costs and have your client sign off on it before you commence the work. This is a must have for Value Pricing accounting professionals.

Then lets talk cold hard cash. This application will help you get paid regularly with its array of payment options.

Keep the good times rolling with Practice Ignition!




Cloud Pricing – a value pricer’s dream. A simplified way to quickly on-board clients to your organization using value pricing principles. No more lengthly spreadsheets and daunting hours formulating a proposal.

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Snappy Value Pricing options formulated in a fraction of the time compared to manual Value Pricing Proposals
  • customizable to your practice requirements and client niches
  • Easy to share the app virtually for prospective clients


Rotessa   small250px

Rotessa – Feeling overwhelmed by high merchant costs to get paid?

If you are a value pricing accounting professional than this is a must have app for you to Get paid!

Rotessa withdraws funds directly from your clients bank account on the prescribed date each month for the agreed upon amount. With Rotessa’s built in agreement forms you can make this integration a snap.

But lets not limit this to accounting pros. Think about the opportunties your clients may have with this application. Gym memberships, dance studios, cleaning services etc.. can all benefit from this.



17 Hats (soon to integrate to Canada)-Its almost here in Canada; already available to our US counterparts. Why is this worth tossing your hat in the air?


This application takes the back and forwards communications out of prospecting. As a value pricing accounting professional I love the functionality 17 Hats has. Here is my typical workflow (yes 17 Hats has workflows) for a new client prospect.

  • client completes my prospect form as found on social media
  • I send them a thanks for contacting me email we’ll be in touch soon!
  • Shortly afterwards 17 Hats shoots off a questionnaire for the individual to fill out
  • I review the questionnaire, an extra bonus as the notes are completed in the prospects point of view. No more hearing “I didn’t say that”. Um ya you did and you put it in writing!
  • Then it’s quoting time. As a value pricer I offer 3 bookkeeping packages for the client to pick from. They pick it. Sign it!
  • You can even go further and have a contract signed and payment set up.

To be honest in my practice I use 17 Hats for the lead generation and quotation then Practice Ignition (above) to continue the engagement letter and contract for scope of services.

What is neat about this application is that it’s not just limited to accounting professionals. Think about your clients. I’m sure they would love an easier paper flow as well.


1320950243-Liveplan_logo_black     small250px

Live Plan-This is one powerhouse application. It will launch your practice into an advisory role to give the feedback your clients have been craving. The price point is amazing given its functionality. What makes Live Plan so awesome? First and foremost it’s live and functional Business Plan model. No more filing your business plan under…miscellaneous! Imagine offering business planning services to your clients on a real-time basis. Now that’s awesome. With out an effective business plan you have no business being in business!

The Pitch feature is not for baseball although it may help you get that home run funding needed to invest in your business.

Benchmarking using Profit Cents! Yes calling all nerds! Profit Cents only integrates with Live Plan. How amazing. Now you can benchmark your organizations financials against the industry.

Financial Reporting made fun! I love the  easy on the eyes reports. We are talking high grade graphing to capture the full impact of the organizations financials. Its very attractive. Dare I say accounting just got a little sexier?!



Jobber – wow field services application that is very robust. This application is a game changer for mobile field services companies like plumbers, landscapers, cleaning services, etc…

Schedule your team for onsite visits to your clients. Carrying hazardous materials? You can track with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Your team will be better equipped using the tool already found in their tool belt….a smart phone. Employees can easily determine their next job site with directions. Allow for onsite payment and so many more features.


InsightlyLogo     small250px

Insightly #MustHaveApp – Giving you insights into your customer relationships while organizing all those emails and calendar events. This is one amazing CRM enabling you to work in a virtual team environment. Project management is made simple with activity sets and recurring tasks for that never ending compliance work.  This platform integrates with Quickbooks Online, Mail Chimp, Evernote, Google Docs and Drop Box. Most amazingly you can use the basic version for free!



Crunchboards– helps you and your clients get the feedback you crave. With is seamless integration with Quickbooks online you can easily sync data in a “vision board” format. Each “card” on the board signifies a specific financial scorecard you wish to monitor. Getting started is a snap with built in templates.  We had Moore Details Bookkeeping up and running with Crunchboards in under 30 minutes.

Crunchboards has simple onboarding of financial forecasting features. In theory you can easily input forecasting values using a series of approaches. My personal favourite is using last years data and changing it by percentages to determine the next forecast.

This app is perfect for additional advisory services to offer to your clients.


Get Timely    small250px

Get Timely – In short this is a team scheduling application. But it is so much more than that!

Get Timely allows for you and your team to schedule appointments in a virtual environment. Features exist for your clients to book appointments online and choose from openings in your calendar! Even pay for them in advance.

Tired of “no shows”? No more of this with Get Timely. Your clients can receive automatic reminders via email or text message about their appointment. You can even have a cancellation policy active.

Once the services is complete you can raise an invoice in Get Timely and have it sync across to Quickbooks Online. This is perfect for client employees who you wish not to have direct access to QBO.

Work better as a team with Get Timely!


Applications under review by Jennie are:

  • mHelpDesk – field services app
  • Business Importer – to import data into QBO. Business Deleter also available.
  • Bulk Deleter – as the names suggests to delete a whole whack of entries in QBO
  • Corecon – Project management and costing for the construction industry.
  • Breezeworks – Field services app
  • SaasAnt- A must for QBO implementors who need to upload a trial balance with values or import mass amounts of journal entries.
  • StatementRec- a wonderful way to OCR bank statements or anything
  • – AutoEntry automates data entry by accurately capturing, analysing and posting all of your invoices, receipts & statements into your accounting solution.
  • Zedsystems – Zed Axis data import and export utility
  • DocuRec – formerly OCRex for fast implementation of data via statements and other source documents
  • erPlain -management of sales, time tracking & inventory
  • Knowify: Job costing
  • Zoomshift – time tracking for employees
  • Spotlight Reporting –  financial analysis
  • Fathom – financial analysis