The Adventures of a QBO Bookkeeper is to help people be inspired in their bookkeeping story. I have a passion for helping small businesses succeed. I firmly believe in simplicity and honesty, which will appear in the my blog posts. Being serious is boring and sometimes off-putting! So I’m the candid, approachable type. You’ll feel what I mean. Humor is necessary in my life. After all, working from home and raising three kids is an absolute riot! But if I can manage to successfully help businesses grow and optimally operate even while I’m living my crazy life, surely the tips on this blog will help you.

Money doesn't grow on trees but we can help you understand your bookkeeping story

Money doesn’t grow on trees but we can help you understand your bookkeeping story

Are you a potential client? Here’s the scoop on how we at Moore Details Bookkeeping roll.

Changing accounting systems is a big decision, one that requires careful planning and understanding of your business needs. At Moore Details, we go through a three-tier process.

The Review stage is when we gather information about your organization and current system. This is the most intensive part of the three-tier program. Why? Because we want to know as much about you and your pain points as we can, so we can create a cloud accounting eco-system customized to your organization. We’ll explain all about this, don’t worry. Think of it as us drafting a blue print. You wouldn’t start building a house without a plan, right?

The Implementation stage is were the fun starts. We dive into crafting a online cloud-based accounting system using the most up-to-date third-party applications. This is where we tighten up your process, make everything efficient and accessible for your team, and make tasks much easier. Running your business has never been so smooth!

In the Continuity of Services stage, we determine if you need ongoing support. Perhaps you need a virtual CFO, a CPA to complete your T2 income tax return, or, like most of my clients, a business coach. We are pleased to offer all of these services to you.

Want to know more? Contact us for a no-obligation assessment of your needs.



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