We are proud to announce that Finagraph is the newest #JennieApprovedApp.

One of the stages of becoming a #JennieApproved App is a thorough review. Below is the fact-finding info we gathered from the creators of Finagraph:

Briefly explain what pain points your app solves.

Empowers accountants and small businesses to evaluate the overall health of a business at a glance.

In detail, what are the main benefits of using your app?

Makes monitoring trends, tracking risk indicators, and spotting hidden cash seamless and quick. It equips accountants with visually rich, easy-to-share information that allows them to have robust conversations with their business clients. For business owners, its hover technology helps explain the meaning and importance of key indicators.

What makes your app different from others?

Our app is quick, easy to use, and free. Its industry bench-marking information is unique and extremely helpful.

Does your app integrate with QuickBooks Online?


Which countries does your app integrate with QuickBooks Online?

  • Canada
  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • India


It’s Call-to-Action time!

What is your website address?

What is your website link for pricing?

http://www.finagraph.com (See Pricing tab. Click for pop-up)

What is your online video library website address?

What is your customer support telephone number?

206.922.4502 – option 3

What is the website address to sign up for your application?

What are the certification details and website address?

http://www.finagraph.com/fca – Quick, easy, and free application process

Is there anything else you wish to tell us?

“Finagraph has a clean and easy-to-read interface, saving my clients frustration by consolidating the information they are most concerned with.” – Beth Damis, Top 100 ProAdvisor, Musing Matters

What is your Twitter handle?


What is your YouTube or Vimeo link?

What is your blog website address?


Here is a video of how the app works using a QuickBooks Desktop. It also links to QBO:



#JennieApprovedApp Report Card

Does the application integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online?


How long did the QBO integration take?

2-5 minutes

Does the application offering personalized service and training?


When calling the support line, how long were you on hold?

2-5 minutes

Is the support staff knowledgeable and polite?

Yes! They totally rock!

Does the application have short how-to videos on how to use the product?


Does the application offer ongoing training?


What types of training does the application company offer?

Personalized training

What problem does this application solve?

Communication barrier between clients and the accounting professional. It is a simplified, clean app that enables all stakeholders to work collaboratively to get the feedback needed for the client.

Does this application cater to a specific industry?

Applicable to all industries, as it benchmarks based on NACIS code

If you are a developer interested in having your app gain #JennieApprovedApp status, we welcome you to commence this review process by starting here with an online questionnaire.
Yours in apps,

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