Apps fill the Gaps! That slogan was created at the Intuit Accountant’s Council in Canada.

Having trouble getting up to speed on applications that integrate with Quickbooks Online? You are not alone. Several accounting pros are in the exact same boat!

If you are in a rush and want the good stuff now ( I don’t blame you) proceed directly to our #JennieApprovedApps page here. If you are an app developer…keep reading we’ll have a call to action for you.


Almost three years ago I started dabbling with cloud accounting and applications. I’m a visionary person. Straight away I could see the benefit of why the cloud movement was necessary. But like many of you I struggled with how do I do this?

That’s when I decided to take a deep dive, face first into this movement and document my findings. I am not an expert. I’m the gal that loves tech. Some gals like shoes and handbags….I love apps.

I am hungry to find apps that…

  • solved pain points for my workflows
  • work with my clients & virtual team
  • don’t cause me grief in the learning process
  • that are worth the investment of time and cost
  • that aren’t crap!

Sound familar? So the hastag #JennieApprovedApps was borne from the idea of collaborate accoutning pros asking me continuously “what apps should I use?”

After hearing this question more and more it became apparent that a transparent individual needs to look at apps and review them. What do I mean by Transparent. Simply said – We aren’t paid! You can’t buy our approval. You need to earn it.

Naturally we’ve had some rubbing from our industry asking “what’s the point?” or “What’s in it for you?”. Here is the simple one word answer: RELATIONSHIPS

We build relationships with our apps partners to make change for the indsutry as a whole. How does this work? Here’s an example we’ll text the CEO in the morning to make a suggested change. They’ll code it and have it ready by 10 pm that night. That’s what I mean by relationships. Its an apps marriage!

But what’s in it for me?

We are looked upon as a leader, a Trusted Advisor, a mentor, [insert any other glourious title here of your choosing]. Or my personal favourite Canada’s #QBFirmOfTheFuture Finalist. A title awarded to the top forward thinking accounting practice, by Intuit, that has embraced change in our industry. Shamless plug sign up here to be a Social Media Ambassador and remind you to vote Oct 3rd, 2016


By doing such we forgo the the commissions, kickbacks, and referall income. To be honest it would be such a time suck to keep track of that small amount of revenue. Instead I gain business: big fish clients, consulting gigs, mentorships. That’s where the real cheddar is. I don’t want a crumble of cheese from a paltry referal income, I want the whole damn brick of cheese.


I encourage you to check out the #JennieApprovedApps Page HERE and sign up for our blog to keep informed of new apps that hit the market. We totally respect your time and inbox. So rest assured you won’t be bombarded with silly stuff, promos and other jazz. Just the good stuff. Think of it as your personal Insider Report on apps.

If you are an app developer and want us to check out your app first know this. I’m independant. You will get the big the bad and the ugly. I won’t be your friend off the bat. My job is to try to break your application. I’ll haunt you with feed back. And yes I expect it to be taken seriously. Because we don’t charge for this review you are expected to respect our limited amount of time. If you are serious and up for the challenge? Here’s the link to get started. Then once you become a #JennieApprovedApp I assure you the apps marriage is well worth it!

Here are some of the apps that have made the cut and are now #JennieApprovedApps


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