Finding the perfect combo of specs in developing an application that meets consumers’ needs is a daunting task. On the flip side, it is also daunting for consumers to find the right app for their needs—say, to integrate into their cloud accounting system, like QuickBooks Online.

Recognizing this, Moore Details has endeavored to build solid relationships with great app partners to develop superb, super-efficient apps that make accounting easier for us bookkeepers and our clients.


Our #JennieApprovedApps are first thoroughly reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine their functionality. I examine them to see if they’ll work well for both my practice and my collaborating practices in the industry. Specifically, Moore Details strives to be the Consumer Report guide for apps that integrate into QuickBooks Online. This is part of the reason we’re now a Canada’s Firm of The Future finalist.


If you are an app developer, we welcome you to start this review process by completing the attached online questionnaire. Below is a list of things to take care of before your app can be considered #JennieApproved:

  • Customer Service
    • No answering services: get a live person
    • Create a social forum to interact with your support team
    • Test your app with a pro advisor. Be willing to take the feedback and implement it
    • Slow down on the in-mail notifications. Send one great newsletter once a month (interactive) to tell us what is new. Use social media to tell us when a new release is active right away! (Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+/Pinterest/YouTube)
  • Clean and Intuitive Interface
    • Define the workflow when the user first logs on
    • Identify how to use the app in our practice
    • Most people are busy: make your app simple to use
    • Establish a quick setup time, using defaults to get us started that can be amended later
  • Training
    • Host webinars at least monthly, but immediately for new product releases!
    • Have a video library of 5-minute tutorials on how to use your app’s various options
    • Have certification training
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online
    • Ensure you are on the site, so we can shop for you in our app mall!
    • Ensure your app integrates with QBO files in multiple counties: Canada, USA, France, UK, Australia, India, and more. Accounting pros are international now. There are no barriers.
    • The app should sync in less than 5 minutes
  • Sales
    • Show passion for your product in a non-pushy way
    • Forget the swag. Help us by listening and doing
    • Reward dedicated pro advisors using your app with blog features, Twitter chats, or podcasts to help them grow their own brand
    • Be active at conferences like QB Connect in San Jose California, the IPBC Conference, and Intuit’s Thrive Conference.
    • Pay-per-use subscription is important. Asking us to sign up for 10 units is unacceptable.

There you have it. Some of the crucial ingredients needed to make an amazing #JennieApprovedApp that is successful in your customer base.

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Yours in apps,

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