You’ve heard it here first. The beloved @Hubdoc Robot has gone missing!!!!!



Please call Huboc Support @ 1.800.577.2842 if you have information

We are not sure the whereabouts of the @Hubdoc Robot. But what we can report is that he left #Ralph his trusted Golden Retriever in charge.



Meet #Ralph our new #Hubdog

With such, Hubdoc is now called Hubdog! This sneaky little pup changed the name just after Robot went missing! You can see such here in the new website

#Ralph is turning out to be no ordinary pup. This energetic ball of energy has relentlessly been fetching bank statements & bills in Robots absence. Even the occasional frisbie. We had to stop though. Jamie MacDonald kept wanting to play frisbie too.

#Ralph is quite the charmer. Playing nice with several of our app partners. He’s taken a real nice liking to Quickbooks Online.

All in all #Ralph is well trained. So we may keep him for awhile.

Tell us what you think?

Sit Ralph. Sit! Good Boy!

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