Today I did my normal routine headed to the local arena to enjoy my passion – figure skating.


Figure skating taught me skills that I’m not 100% sure any business school could. Challenge me if you may. But this is what I have “figured out”.

  • Balance: Either on skates or in life you need balance! Too much weight on one side will make you fall down.
  • Fall Down Get Back Up! Don’t let anything keep you down. Push up. Push on. Keep strong and breathe.
  • Practice makes perfect. Keep your skills sharp. Use what you know and continuously improve on it.
  • Stop and Breathe. Its simple but essential for any athlete and strong willed women in business. You need to know how to “belly breathe“. Hyperventilating won’t help you keep calm. You’ll just end up fainting.


  • Plan ahead. In figure skating we are taught to look where we want to go. Plan your jump. Stare down the ice, visualize and execute it. Look down at the ice and you’ll fall. Look at the crowd and you’ll sore! Just as important in business you need to look up and see if you are going in the right direction to move around obstacles.
  • Control your spinning. Life gets out of control. Just like spinning. But you can make it look rather artistic if you manage to keep it all together. So spin with style when life is crazy. Know that there is an exit. All you need to do is push out and away.
  • Dealing with competition. I would be lying if I said Figure Skating is not a bureaucratic, “he said she said”, competitive sport. It is! Because it has passion. Passion can bring out the best and worst in people. Dealing with passionate people who are competitive is an extra challenge. But my experience has been to shut up and listen. Know your stance and what you believe in. Just learn to accept your differences and respect each others admirable qualities. We don’t want a world of Tanya Hartings busting knee caps.
  • Improvise. Just like in business…stuff happens. Learn to change plans quickly!
  • Dress the part. This should be obvious. It irks me to no end the PJ wearing society we live in. To be taken seriously on the ice and in the board room you need to dress the part. Image is important.
  • Listen to the music, your coach an most of all the person saying “watch out!”
  • Trust yourself. Confidence is key. With out it you are a puddle of emotions perfect for vultures.
  • Take care of your equipment. Skates need to be sharpened and replaced. Keep your equipment in good order and they will take care of you.


  • Scheduling with out it your life has no roadmap. Protect your time. It can’t be replaced.
  • Goal tracking and accomplishments take time to acknowledge your hard work and accomplishments. Keep a Vision Board or a Goal Sheet.
  • Recovery from injury to exhaustion. Know your physical limits and take the time to recoup. Eat healthy, drink water and sleep.
  • Coaching & Mentorship are key to any success in life. On the ice or in business find someone you admire. Seek out mentorhsip. Get the feedback you need to increase your performance.

Coach Kandis in action getting my arm positioning correct for jumping

So there you have it. The development of my personality and business traits stem from figure skating.

But here is the secret. You don’t need to figure skate. Find something you are passionate about and replicate those skills in business. Its as simple as that!

Catch you later!

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