Running a bookkeeping practice with a multitude of compliance work and various due dates is simply Crazy!

I tried using an Excel spreadsheets, a pricey little CRM, and the good old fashioned sticky note system. It came to a halt one day when I realized I couldn’t sleep well at night because I was constantly second guessing myself if I did a remittance. The 15th and end of the month always put me in a tizzy fearing I had forgotten something.

Being a virtual bookkeeper I knew my solution had to be in the cloud not stored on my desktop.

Drum roll please……

Then a mentor of mine, Jeff Borschowa of Dream Practice and author of 8 Pillars of Exponential Growth,  introduced me to Asana.

My eyes lit up like the fourth of July when I found out it was Free!

Put don’t let that be your only benefit. Check out these other amazing features Asana can do for you.

  • mobile application for smart phone and tablet
  • team mail box
  • access data anytime, anywhere, any device
  • gantt style charting
  • manage tasks by projects
  • manage tasks by date
  • assign tasks to team
  • make tasks recurring
  • syncs with google calendar
  • view team calendar
  • stores files
  • see progress of your team tasks


Want to know your next steps.

Register for Asana here. If you are also interested in the Gantt charting, also free, go to this site after registering.

I’d love to hear your success story. Please share it below.

Until later,