Strong support team!

I see a shift in our society. We have women who are empowered. Hear me roar…right?

Here’s the real deal.

It’s not just me. I have a support team. As everyone should. Male or female.

No, they aren’t a bunch a lowly individuals worshipping at my feet. They are people who have waved the flag, saying, Go go go! The ones that said no no no! were left at the starting line and stayed there.

I wouldn’t be the outspoken, motivated woman I am without my

  • Husband
  • Kids
  • Clients
  • Colleagues in the Industry

These special individuals helped me on rough roads and to grow as a person.


These core individuals then brought me an even stronger support team to grow my business in the corporate world. I now have BFFs that I can call on throughout Canada and the USA.

So the point of the blog is the build a support team. Start with what you have by building relationships, sticking through thick and thin…because, baby, there ain’t no giving up in business.

Family is important but to grow in business you need to look beyond the comfort zone. Stop worrying about rejection and get out there! Talk to people. Start building your support team through networking. Get professional business cards made so that you will be taken seriously. Take these to seminars, workshops, conferences, business support groups and even the darn grocery store.

Why is it important to have business cards? Its customary to “exchange business cards”. Nothing turns me off more than someone telling me “I don’t have a business card but you can find me on LinkedIn”. That’s great you are on LinkedIn; but, my question is why are you putting this individual, a potential member of your support team, in “search mode”? In this case your this is individual will not bother with you and give that attention to someone else interested in making a connection.

Make an impression. By providing a business card this individual can input it into their Customer Relationship Management system. This will help you in starting a dialogue as they’ll be sure to deliver good social media content to you. Content in which you can engage and start a “support line”. Ask for their business card and reciprocate a couple of days later that it was great meeting them. Politely ask to be added to any blogs they have. This will give you a wealth of information free! Plus give you the “in” you need to communicate openly with them on social media and successfully start a support system.

Get the idea?


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Moore Details Bookkeeping

Moore Details Bookkeeping

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