It was an amazing morning for us early birds at #QBConnect. One of the limited hidden gems was the early session on 10 Barriers to Service Excellence and How to Overcome Them.

Note: I am literally doing this blog on the fly each day. I know you are accustomed to my photo’s and links. I apologize that these Reporting Live blogs won’t include them. I will encourage you to use Google to search the topics I italicize. Watch for the wrap up blog after the event.

Here are some amazing people you need to check out on social media:

Presenter Clayton Oates Co-Founder & CEO QB Business Pty Ltd.
Steve Blunder CPA Sr Mgr Bendor Partner Relations and Customer Advocate, Intuit Accountant and Advisor Group

Work Life Balance is a myth “like going big foot hunting instead of deer hunting” per Joe Woodard. “You need Work Life Harmony”. This is amazing advice. I have to say I agree. Being a mom of 3 and running a business you learn how to harmonize your passion for your business and the fulfilment in which your family and friends support you in that role. Bingo! 9-5 be gone. To add to this comment being a mobile consulting business has enabled me to partake in amazing opportunities and tag my family along. Yes they are here with me in California and loving it! Don’t worry schooling is also done during this time. This is the benefit I have with my amazing supportive husband.

The main stage was a buzz today. Here are the keynote speakers you need to check out:

Jessica Alba from the Honest Company along with Brian Lee. Believe me when I say The Honesty Company is not a celebrity corporation. Here are some of my favourite quotes from this sit down:

  • Go into business with people who support your weakness’ with @jessicaalba
  • The new village is online – @jessicaalba
  • to make an investment into automation in infrastructure @HonestLee888

Hurray for Oprah! @Oprah coming to #QBconnect is like inviting God to Church. It was amazing. Her inspiration for following your heart resonates strongly. Learning to live by Intentions is an incredible step to provide value to this experience we call life. Being true to your heart centre is where you need to be first before serving others. Here are some amazing quotes :

  • Intention is everything
  • Be responsible for the energy you bring into this room
  • Greatness is determined by Service
  • You have to be careful what you say and how you say it
  • Pay attention to the whispers

Our small entrouage of Canadians was blessed with a fellow native going the stage. Robert Herjavec! We are talking about the co-start of Dragon’s Den and Sharks tank. Here are my favourite quotes from this inspiring individual. Some of them may surprise you.

  • I was deathly afraid of starting a business
  • If you don’t have a healthy amount of paronomia you are not going to succeed
  • You just gotta do it! @robertherjavec #QBconnect absorb failure, get up and face the next day!!!
  • The pain how I was living was worse than the fear of the Future!

Stay tuned for Day Three!

Your investigative reporter,

Jennie Moore