It may have been chilly in Edmonton, Alberta, but Intuit’s Accountant Council was heating up the town.

So what the heck is an Intuit Accountant Council?

To tell the truth, if you’d asked me last week I would have shrugged my shoulders and said, “I guess I’ll find out!”

Well, now I’ve been enlightened.

Jeff Cates, President of Intuit Canada, welcoming speech to council members

Jeff Cates, president of Intuit Canada, welcoming speech to council members

It’s an opportunity to open up with the elite of Intuit and let them pick your brain. I’m talking catalysts, managers, even Jeff Cates himself. Similar to when the cardinals need to elect a new pope, this room is in lockdown. Intuit employees are instructed to put their phones back in their holsters and tune in to the eight council members who sit among them.

Intuit's Catalysts' pulling every idea from our brains!

Intuit’s catalysts pulling every idea from our brains!

Now, I don’t kiss and tell, so you’ll have to wait for the Road Map for Accountants and Bookkeepers to roll out. But I can tell you that more enhancements are on the way for those who love QuickBooks Online, like me, and Profile. You are going to love it!

One of my favourite sessions was with Melika Hope. This pint-sized woman packs a powerful punch. Not only can she lift 400 pounds; she is also tough enough to handle the big Qs. To be purposely vague, her segment was on how to get paid faster! Just sit tight. It’s coming soon.

As council members, we were invited to put on our creativity hats and get downright innovative. The enthusiasm was contagious. We had a chance to be a part of the Road Map, not just follow it. How neat is that, for a company to hand the steering wheel to us! The folks in the know were meeting clients face to face. The ability to help steer the industry to improve bookkeeping for small businesses was amazing.

The 8 Council Members hashing out ideas to steer Intuit's Road Map for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

The eight council members hashing out ideas to steer Intuit’s Road Map for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Lee MacKenzie, Sr. Product Manager, taking notes...literally.

Lee MacKenzie, senior product manager, taking notes…literally.

To be honest, I felt like I left a part of myself in Edmonton. That’s a rare feeling for me. One that tells me that I’ve been a part of making a difference. It’s fulfilling.

Intuit's Accountants Council meets in Edmonton

Intuit’s Accountant Council meets in Edmonton

Thanks, Intuit!

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