It’s faster than a speeding bullet. Is it a plane? No! It’s…Hubdoc!

For bookkeepers and their clients, it’s a big deal. HUGE!

Who likes looking for stuff? Or doing stuff that is a complete pain in the butt? Your clients don’t and neither do you. And do you like to be the bookkeeper constantly nagging them to get you their bank statements?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

What is Hubdoc?

Hubdoc is a growing online platform that syncs with QuickBooks Online. Yes, I know there are several billion applications out there. You are likely getting bombarded. But you know I tell you only the good stuff, so keep reading.

Hubdoc is the golden retriever #Hubdog of fetching bank statements and online bills automatically and securely. Think about that. If you’re a bookkeeper, you are no longer pestering your client to send you their bank statements and hoping to heck they send you the right ones in a scanned file that is legible. Then there is the whole security thing. I cringe each time someone emails me their bank statements. Yikes. People, it’s not encrypted!

With Hubdoc, clients no longer have to waste time downloading and uploading statements to send to you. It’s done automatically. Those are some happy clients!

What are the benefits to Hubdoc?

  • Security. With a one-time login, the bank statements, CSV file, cheque images, and electronic payment details are pulled
  • Time saving. As a bookkeeper, you can now plan your workload better knowing when the bank statements will be pulled. You can also pull historical data quite fast. It depends on your banking history how quickly. For my practice,    I got 12 months’ worth of data in 5 minutes!
  • Good for the environment. Having the client go to e-statements rather than snail mail or delivery saves a few trees and cuts down on emissions
  • Integration with QBO is a snap (under 2 minutes)
My new super power is Hubdoc to get my client bank statements retrieved automatically!

My new super power is Hubdoc to get my client bank statements retrieved automatically!

Now, bookkeepers, hang onto your hats! This next benefit is worth spelling out on its own.

Don’t you just love email transfers? You know, the ones your client issues and then forgets the moment they do it who it was for? Then you get the bank statement and there is just a line item saying the amount and that an email transfer took place. No details, right?

Well, here is how Hubdoc has saved what’s left of my sanity.

I was reconciling another huge bank statement for a client. Of course, it was an email transfer. Great. The client had no idea who they’d made the transfer to, let alone what day of the week it was. This was shortly after I met Jamie Shulman from Hubdoc at an Intuit event. I was in the process of signing my clients up with Hubdoc, and I thought, Let’s see what this baby can do. I put in the banking credentials and stepped away from my Mac to slip dinner in the oven. When I got back, I couldn’t believe what I saw! Detailed information as to who the payee was for email transfer! What came out of my mouth next was not ladylike, but it went something like, That’s freakin’ awesome!

Stop and listen to how this chap can make your life easier. Jamie Shulman from Hubdoc.

Stop and listen to how this chap can make your life easier. Jamie Shulman from Hubdoc.

The other feature I like is that each cleared cheque is saved in a separate file with the same information that was provided through the clearing house. This is neat, as now my client won’t have to pay a $1.50–$2.00 for a cheque image fee to provide me with data when I reconcile with the bank. That’s right. I don’t just reconcile at the end of the month. To keep the books up to date and in sync, it’s done weekly.

Bookkeepers can make life much easier when reading a bookkeeping story by using applications like Hubdoc and QuickBooks Online. All it takes is looking at the bank feeds in QBO. If there’s anything that doesn’t have a match, you can just call on Hubdoc, like your trusted golden retriever, and say, “Go fetch, buddy.”

The cost is US$20 per month per client with unlimited transactions. I don’t know how you value your time and clients, but to me, $20 is far cheaper and a lot more beneficial than the alternative. Now I can spend my nagging time trying to teach Duke, my dog, to fetch my slippers.

#Hubdog in training

#Hubdog in training

Thanks, Hubdoc! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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