Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity? Check out his book Profit First. A good read.

Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?

I just got back from a run/walk/jog thingy I do about three times a week. It feels good to get the blood flowing and since I have a track about a quarter mile from my home office, I have no excuse to not do it (although I found I am crafty at making up excuses. . . like going to my normal office where it would be very awkward to throw on a pair of shorts and run around the parking lot). After I washed up, I came back to my desk to get back to work. What was I doing? Oh yeah, the proposal. I think there was an email about that. Email?!?! Hey my buddy from college just wrote. Oh geez, look at the time, I’ve got to work on that. . . what was it? Email. No wait, proposal. Talk about proposal, look at that stack of papers I need to go…Read More