August 4th was a fun day. Not in a balloons-and-clowns kind of way. Well, maybe a few clowns. It was another day at the Intuit Mississauga office.

I’m amazed each time I’m granted access to visit this cacoon of intelligence. My morning started with battling traffic, something this country bookkeeper isn’t accustomed to. After feeling somewhat smug about finding my destination, I was warmly greeted by Intuit.

Here is how the day rolled.

An intimate chat to get the insider scoop on a new application to link with QuickBooks Online. I have been sworn to secrecy with a total Christian Grey–style non-disclosure agreement. So sorry. You’ll have to wait. What I can tell you is that this will enable companies who have online sales to really rock!

A deep dive into Hubdoc. Kind of like my golden retriever, this handy application will go fetch all those pesky documents that I and my clients dislike wasting time on. I’m talking about bank statements, credit card statements, PayPal transactions, Bell, Rogers, Hydro One bills. Wow, this could save me a lot of aggravation and make better use of my clients’ time. After all, who likes to go find things? As a mom of three, I certainly don’t. I’m still trying to find my sanity! Perhaps Hubdoc will help me with that too!

Stop and listen to how this chap can make your life easier. Jamie Shulman from Hubdoc.

Stop and listen to how this chap can make your life easier. Jamie Shulman from Hubdoc.

Lunch date with Chris Fudge. Always a character, this one—but in a good way. This fellow is in charge of the accountants network. Does Intuit care? Uh, yeah! This guy is super busy. What does he do? He takes us to an Irish pub and chats about life. He was getting to know the bookkeepers in the trenches. Getting to know us!

Tour of Intuit. This place is some kind of Nirvana! It’s equipped with a game room, total workout facility, and a tasty cafeteria, and comfortable seating arrangements for impromptu discussions. I loved the seeing the therapy colouring place. There’s a treadmill for the stand-up work station. Now, I totally didn’t believe what I saw next: a wellness room? What is that? Sure enough, a bed—so the hard-working employees at Intuit can rest and recharge their batteries. How many times in a day do you wish you could have even just five minutes to recharge? I know I do.

Chris Fudge taking in the Wellness Room at Intuit to recharge. Or I say laying down on the job!

Chris Fudge taking in the Wellness Room at Intuit to recharge. Or, as I say, lying down on the job!

This was one of my favourite times of the day: My ProAdvisor cronies and I were blessed to spend some time with Devon Burke of Edelman. Yeah, Edelman, the largest public relations firm in…I don’t know…the world! Devon was super cute while giving us a boot camp session on how to build online brand awareness. Boy, did she know her stuff. And none of the questions were dumb. I know because I asked them.

Devon Burke from Edelman Digital after her bootcamp on Brand Awareness

Devon Burke from Edelman Digital after her boot camp on brand awareness

So what do I think of Intuit?

They have their sh*t together. They care!

Feeling the love once more. Thanks, Intuit.

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