Starting a business is hard enough, let alone keeping the books in order.

Lately, I have been speaking with entrepreneurs who are starting a business. I fondly call them Start-Ups. Some of those are accountants and bookkeepers too! Interesting. Perhaps this is in response to one of my last posts: 9 years ago I told my boss to stick it! Regardless, the same question keeps popping up. What do I need to keep the books in order?

Granted, my approach may be different from what you need, but step into my office anyway: let’s have a peek at how my practice uses technology other than a computer. I use:

  • QuickBooks Online. An absolute must for working with your client
  • a smart phone and tablet with the QuickBooks Mobile App installed
  • the Receipt Bank and Hubdoc application to make data entry a snap
  • the Wagepoint application to make direct payroll deposits painless
  • the LedgerDocs application to have clients exchange files safety and securely
  • the Method:CRM application to keep a grasp on client tasks, communications, and details
  • a wireless Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner (it works faster than an multifunction machine scanner)
  • a small wireless laser printer with a duplex option
  • Internet fax
  • a “Log Me In” subscription to dial into clients’ computers
  • the Note Taker HD app installed on a tablet to take notes with a Stylus pen
  • a high-speed shredder to convert clients’ to the paperless movement
  • Moneris eSelectplus Merchant services to get paid!
  • Moneris PayD to accept mobile Interac and credit card payments on the go.

And now what my business doesn’t use:

  • paper, staples, clips, binders, folders
  • label makers
  • filing cabinets
  • bankers boxes
  • fax machine
  • photocopier
  • postage machine
  • desktop calculator
  • storage facilities

The greatest benefit I have from operating my business this way—that is, paperless—is organization. Also, the white noise from the humming of all the large machines is now gone. I’m no longer tripping over bankers boxes and files from clients. Everything has a place and a purpose. It’s nice.

So here you go. My secrets. Am I worried that I’m sharing this wealth of information with potential “competition”? Nope. I’m at capacity. Run with it.

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