Would a Fire Close Your Business? ‘ Adventures of a QBO Bookkeeper

Would a Fire Close Your Business? ‘ Adventures…

Would a Fire Close Your Business? qboadventuresPosted on July 9, 2015 Simply devastating. Your pride and joy burned to a crisp. But replaceable, right? It was a tough lesson for one of my clients. When the call came that day—“Jennie, the office burned down”—my heart sank. On my last visit there before the fire, I had taken a backup after pleading with them once again to do a daily backup offsite and to seriously consider using Quickbooks Online. Unfortunately, the client didn’t do what I suggested: no backup had been taken offsite the day before the fire, or after my visit at all. So the last backup I had was old. So much data needed to be replicated. To top it off, it was the month to report HST (sales tax) and WSIB…Read More