Jeff Cates, MD of @QuickBooksCA weighs in: How to Strengthen Your Financial Fluency. Meeting Jeff personally on several occasions I can attest that he is a man of vision and authentically cares about his team and the products they innovate.

How to Strengthen Your Financial Fluency

Regardless of your age, your job or your personal interests, the topic of money will always be relevant to you. You’ve likely heard terms “money management” and “financial literacy” countless times before, and with good reason — having a clear understanding of your finances is non-negotiable if you hope to have a sound plan for your present and your future. According to Statistics Canada’s 2014 Canadian Financial Capability Survey, only 7.1 per cent of Canadian adults considered themselves “very knowledgeable” financially; this breaks down to 5.5 per cent of women and 8.7 per cent of men. While those numbers are distressingly low, they also serve as a reminder that we have lots of room for education and improvement. If you fall within…Read More