Simply devastating. Your pride and joy burned to a crisp. But replaceable, right?

Wait! Crap! The books!

It was a tough lesson for one of my clients. When the call came that day—“Jennie, the office burned down”—my heart sank.

On my last visit there before the fire, I had taken a backup after pleading with them once again to do a daily backup offsite and to seriously consider using Quickbooks Online.

Unfortunately, the client didn’t do what I suggested: no backup had been taken offsite the day before the fire, or after my visit at all. So the last backup I had was old. So much data needed to be replicated.

To top it off, it was the month to report HST (sales tax) and WSIB premiums! How were we going to recreate all the sales and expenses, not to mention payroll? The time cards had been burned, too.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for these chastised business owners to get with the cloud program.

A very resourceful and expensive IT tech was able to revive the Simply Accounting file from the blackened and slightly melted hard drive. The Simply Accounting file went immediately to Odyssey, a third-party company that converts files to QBO. In one week, my client had a Quickbooks Online file fit for a king.

One door burns down, and another opens. Here are the silver-lining benefits my client was able to receive by switching to QBO.

  • Never again seeing their bookkeeper livid for not taking a proper back up!! QBO is backed up for you
  • The security of knowing that their financial data is in the cloud, no matter what happens to the office or equipment
  • The freedom to access their data anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • The ability to forgo the tedious program upgrades and payroll table CDs that regularly came in the mail. QBO updates automatically.
  • The joy of being able to take part in their bookkeeping story in real time. They know their financial status today, not 30 days after the books have been reconciled!
  • New “toys,” like an Android QBO Mobile app to check on financials when they are between job sites. The QBO mobile app is also available on iPhone and iPad.
  • Becoming paperless by using Receipt Bank on their Samsung phones to record expenses at the cash register when they purchase items for their construction projects




Now they can burn down as many offices as they like. They can just hop onto any device to keep their business running smoothly.

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