The secret ingredient to “Getting Clients” is..’ Adventures of a QBO Bookkeeper

The secret ingredient to “Getting Clients”…

The secret ingredient to “Getting Clients” is ….. qboadventuresPosted on June 16, 2015 I got so many responses to my punchy blog post “Nine Years Ago I Told My Boss to Stick It,” all wanting to know how to get clients. Man, you guys are hungry to break out on your own and build something that is yours. Way to go! So here is how I got my clients. Keep in mind that doing it my way is not a guarantee that you will get clients. To start, there is one very simple, though not always easy, element: If you have compassion and a strong willingness to help, then maybe this post is worth your time to read. If not, then you’re wasting your time!Jennie’s tips for getting clientsStart small. Work with the right type of client, who reciprocates…Read More