The day I met Jennie Moore was a game changer.

I have been building my practice for the last two years and BOOM!  Decided to move out of my home office into a lovely office space in Stirling Ontario.  During the planning stages, I was fortunate enough to touch base via email with another local bookkeeper by the name of Jennie Moore.  And did she know her stuff!

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After surviving tax season (and yes, I’m still mopping up from that), we planned a coffee/networking break to get to know each other.  What a morning!  To find a person that was as passionate about Quickbooks Online as I am was refreshing.  As a matter of fact, within minutes, I started feeling like she was the long lost sister that I never had.

Wait for it…. And then she started to share her knowledge of the apps that she uses with QBO.  After mopping my chin up from the floor and absorbing a head full of information about the apps, the phone numbers and contacts that she connected me to with Intuit, Odyssey, and Receipt Bank, it was time for me to leave.  Talk about self imposed homework.  I immediately started seeing how these apps/people/contacts could help me become more efficient in my business.  Keeping my costs to a minimum.

Fast forward to this week.  I’m now using Receipt Bank like a PRO!.  Signing up my client’s and encouraging them to see the value that these apps bring to the table!  BUT WAIT!  Now it’s time for Jennie to introduce me to more valuable tools that I never even knew were at my disposal.

Method:CRM.  What can I say about this app?  I am so excited to say that I am just in the testing phase of seeing how this can better manage myself, my workload, and my staff.

So, What can I say about Jennie Moore?  What can I say about her knowledge level of the apps that integrate so well with QBO?  What can I say about her energy levels that she brings to each and every conversation?

Thank you Jennie.  You are THE game changer.  I look forward to continuing to work with you. I look forward to growing, and I look forward to the new friendship with a like minded individual that has the same passion for QBO that I have.

This guest blog was written by Tammantha Denyes the owner of TD Accounting Services in quaint little Stirling, Ontario, Canada. Tammantha is a wonderful advisor who is virtual and able to take the headache out of bookkeeping for you. Check her out on Twitter @TDAccounting or her website here.