Persuasion is defined in the Merrian-Webster dictionary as the act of causing people to do or believe something. Sounds a little off putting doesn’t it?


Arlene Dickinson expertise in Marketing reveals a different approach to this somewhat traditional sinister word. In her book called “Persuasion” Arlene immediately states “persuasion is all about relationships” and is an “honest, shared pursuit of mutual self-interest”. When I stop and think about it I see how persuasion, when used ethically, does create an “emotional connection between a company and a consumer”. Arlene’s mind is wonderfully savvy when it comes to seeing a niche and relating to a consumer through marketing. She has three conditions which are what she calls the “bedrock of principled persuasion”. They are:

  • Authenticity
  • Honesty
  • Reciprocity

This book is a wonderful read for those in any capacity of business, specifically those in sales. You will learn how to “convince someone to do what you want, in a way that leaves both of you feeling good about it”. I know this sounds a little weird, if not pushy all together. But think about it. When have you felt a little ticked that you didn’t know about a new product or service? You felt ticked because effective persuasion wasn’t present to inform you of how this product, service, widget etc can benefit you. Personally I appreciate good informative marketing. When I see an individual portraying Arlene’s three conditions above they have my attention. I get excited because I know we both have something to gain; whether its time, money, or helping society as a whole.

Arlene’s Dickinson background of starting into the business world was rough. Having the experience of being a work at home mom (#WAHM) myself I can appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears incurred to make a living. Arlene is a fighter, mother of four, and knows the foul taste of poverty. She’s a learn from the roots kind of gal. When I read this next quote in her book I roared in agreement. I think I might of even said “You’re damn right girl!”

“I know that no business school can teach you how to prioritize, delegate, motivate, and defuse high-conflict situations as effectively as motherhood can”

So to all those other WAHM, sales, or new start-ups I wish you a day full of reciprocated persuasion.

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