It was a cold February day in 2014. OSM Websites put out the SOS to Moore Details Bookkeeping to help them with their bookkeeping story. They just weren’t getting what they needed on their old desktop version and bookkeeping provider.

The QBO Client that started it all

The QBO Client that started it all

“Not a problem Dave! I’ll be there today”  Dressed in my Canadian Tuxedo….blue jeans….I was warmly greeted by Dave Lawrence president of OSM Websites. He had that glazed look in his eyes that simply said “Help”.

The conversation started with “tell me about your business and your pain points. Then lets see how I can help”. To summarize the conversation he felt out of the loop with his bookkeeping story with the existing bookkeeping provider. The provider had 100% control and it was difficult to obtain timely information which he needed to make important business decisions. Like can I hire an employee, what kind of bonus can I pay, can I purchase a new asset? And PAPER!!! Boy was there paper. Paper for every transaction, invoice, journal entry the list went on. Even an expensive Xerox machine was leased to support all the PAPER.  Bankers boxes hiding in the corners and files stuffed with even more paper! The whole bookkeeping process was expensive and to put it mildly archaic!

So I said “Dave I think I have a solution for you. I’ve been researching Quickbooks Online. Though I haven’t implemented this for any client as of yet I feel this would be a good fit for you. Do you want to give it a try?” Here are some of the benefits:

  • you can be involved by logging into your QBO account and the data will be in “real-time”. A selling feature for Dave as his financials were often being sent to him several months afterwards.
  • you can keep the bookkeeping cost low by being involved in your bookkeeping story. How do you feel about running Payroll? The answer was clear. Yes!
  • Let’s go paperless. There is just too much here. Let’s capture your expenses and attach them to the entries made in Quickbooks Online. Sound fair? Yes Dave no more banker’s boxes. Check. Cost save on banker’s boxes and the expensive Xerox machine.
  • Although I won’t be sitting in your office I will be your virtual bookkeeper. We can both access the QBO file as well as other important stakeholders like your year-end accountant. “What? You mean I won’t have to give a back up file to my year end accountant?” says Dave. Yes Dave that’s right. I’ll send them an email invite and they’ll see everything.
Ready to meet the gang at Intuit's Mississauga's office

See virtual bookkeepers are not that rare to spot!

  • Your data will be secure. Currently your entire bookkeeping story is being kept with your bookkeeping provider who has 100% control. There are many risks with that. If a proper back up is not being completed it could take a tremendous amount of time and money to bring the books up to date.
  • Last but not least. Simplicity. It is simple to use anytime, anywhere.

Dave took the plunge and became my first guinea pig for Quickbooks Online. Today we eat cupcakes to celebrate an amazing first year revolutionizing how OSM Websites reads their bookkeeping story.

IMG_2462 IMG_2467

They are paperless, virtual, and surfing the cloud!

Here are some facts this client experienced by transitioning to Quickbooks Online.

  • just over a 30% reduction in bookkeeping costs
  • faster preparation of the corporate T2 return
  • SHRED payments received sooner as data is able to be transmitted to the year-end accountant faster
  • security of knowing the financial health of the business is safely stored and readily available with any internet connect
  • Integration of Receipt Bank saved unnecessary data entry costs as well as costs associated with storing Paper! Not to mention if we ever need the to view the document we look online, and not through a maze of bankers boxes.

Receipt Bank coffee break

Here is what we are looking forward to next.

  1. A direct deposit payroll processing system
  2. A integration link for their existing CRM called WHMCS.

Want to know more about how Quickbooks Online can rock your books? Follow my blog to qualify for a 1/2 hour consult. Let’s find out what your options are.

Wishing you a day filled of sweetness.

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The views and opinions in my posts are my own. There is no paycheck here. Integrity is everything. I recommend these products because they work. I can prove this by telling you 100% of my clientele use Intuit’s Quickbooks Online.