It was the Art of Entrepreneurship event in which Chris Gullibeau caught my attention.

Not in a flashy “look at me kind of way”. But more of a “I’m just like you this is why” kind of way.


It wasn’t long after hearing his inspirational chat on stage that I knew this was a book worth purchasing. His message is clear. Yes you can start a business for $100. By empowering unexpected entrepreneurs to follow what they love Chris is able to describe how they can find:

  • Passion
  • Freedom
  • Value

How is this possible? Chris is able to break it down simply. The key is Convergence. Chris describes convergence as “the overlapping space between what you care about and what other people are willing to spend money on”.

I agree Chris!

After the birth of the first of three daughters I knew I had to make something of my own. My biz started on the determination to break the dictatorship of corporate life and use my passion and new found freedom to build value in something that is mine. My dream started with a gifted laptop. That’s it.


Here are Chris’ 3 things to start a business:

  1. a product or service
  2. a group of people willing to pay for it
  3. a way to get paid

Where to purchase this book? Check out Amazon The $100 StartUp by Chris Guillebeau

Even more exciting is StartUp Canada hosting several events to assist many Entrepreneurs. Check out Start Up Canada for an event in your area.

Want to keep your start up organized right from the beginning? Check out Quickbooks Online. It will help you get started on the right foot!

Wishing you a passion filled day!

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