My open sign is a big yellow bus ‘ Adventures of a QBO Bookkeeper

My open sign is a big yellow bus ‘ Adventures…

My open sign is a big yellow bus qboadventuresPosted on March 16, 2015 After the stop sign rolls back in, the flashing lights turn off, and that big honking diesel smelling bus leaves my driveway that’s when Moore Details Bookkeeping opens for business. Being a work at home mom #WAHM has its benefits. Though truthfully speaking I’m still my slippers and just now starting to have my morning java. Having three kids and running a home business is tricky. Some would say impossible. Other’s may say “try having four or five kids”. So here’s how I’ve been able to get my business and family to gel together.Effective time management. Plan your day and your life. Listing your goals and tasks is a great way to get satisfaction out of life.Plan…Read More