As the title says. Yesterday one of my newest clients said “The best thing my Accountant did was get rid of me!”.

I love accountants! But the Accountants I love are the ones on board surfing the cloud. The ones stepping outside of the cubicle, tossing the pocket protectors, and getting downright groovy with Quickbooks Online. Stop laughing! I’ve meet these pedigree of new Accountants and they are awesome!

But for this particular client I had a traditional old school Accountant call me and ask me to take the file. You know the typical story. The client was a year and a half behind. The Accountant only wanted minimal scope and didn’t want to play nice by providing advisory services.

What are advisory services? To keep it simple. Providing Advisory Services is the ability to tell your clients what they want and what they need to hear. Like your cash flow sucks! Lets look at your spending. Or you better pay this remittance on time or CRA will get ticked and freeze your account! Providing Management Reports, dialing down and finding out how the business is going in comparison to other years and being able to explain it! Being the person to answer the call when a client asks if they can afford a new piece of equipment or hire a new employee.

So back to focus. The client went through my typical bookkeeping boot camp and survived. My ball game is simple. You’ve got three strikes then you are out, and likely out of business, or riding a slippery slope to such. They learn to be involved in their bookkeeping story. This client runs their own payroll with Quickbooks Online and uses Receipt Bank to capture images of their expenses. This helps keep their retainer low to match what they can afford. We got a year and a half worth of receipts stuffed every which way from two bankers boxes into Quickbooks Online with images using Receipt Bank with in two weeks! Ya let that sink in for a moment. Now we are able to communicate with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) effectively as everything is on the cloud. Since this client is on CRA Christmas List they are selected often for reviews. Not a problem. The typical 30 day turnaround becomes less than 30 minutes. Cloud Accounting with Quickbooks Online and Receipt Bank have truly keep this particular client in business. With out such the “For Rent” sign would have been put up a long time ago.

So when my client dried her eyes and said “The best thing my Accountant did was get rid of me!” It was true.

Wishing you an awesome day surfing in the clouds!

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