How To Reboot A Bad Day In 10 Minutes Or Less….lovin’ the chocolate idea!

How To Reboot A Bad Day In 10 Minutes Or Less

When your day seems like it’s imploding, here are four ways to hit the reset button to clear your mind. We’ve all been there. Your boss schedules an emergency meeting on top of an already jam-packed day. A client calls with a last-minute project. And your new mattress delivery has been rescheduled for a week from Thursday (again). Instead of letting a crummy call or series of unfortunate events set the tone for the rest of your day, try one of these tips to help you step away from the stress and move on.1. Get up and move. Removing yourself from the situation, even for 10 minutes, is helpful. Roy Morejon, president of Command Partners, a Charlotte, N.C.-based digital marketing agency, takes his Fitbit Force and hits the stairs in his…Read More