Oh ya! I know there are a few of you out there that at some point have gone S&*T I forget to give my tax preparer some sort of receipt.

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Although not my business focus each year a train of families pull up the driveway styling in their minivans to hand me over their “tax stuff”. Frantic moms who haven’t slept in a decade or dads who are rushing their kids off to another hockey practice manage to throw together an envelope or my favorite a shopping bag full of stuff. They tell me “Jennie I don’t have time to deal with this can you do it for me?”

So I do. And here are the common things these frantic families tend to forget:

  • Child Care receipts
  • Children’s Fitness Receipts
  • Children’s Arts Receipts
  • Property Taxes Paid on primary residence
  • Donation Receipts
  • Medical Expense travel log
  • Carrying Charges on Investment Income

So if you find yourself in a situation were you forgot to give your tax preparer a receipt know that you can file a TD1 Adjustment Request yourself!

Save yourself a little cash for the next buffet dinner you take your hoards of kids too.

Intuit creates a great software package call TurbTax. It’s worth a look.

Remember know who you are giving your sensitive personal financial information too….even if its a Big Block store. You have a right to know who your financials are being viewed by and how it is stored at all times. The information you are handing over is perfect for identity theft! Protect yourself and be informed. Ask questions. What are their qualifications? Do they have a criminal reference check? And most importantly are they going to be around if CRA asks for more information….or will the kiosk be closed in the mall to make room for the boat show. Then, make sure you receive a full tax return package. Not just a T1 Summary. You’ll find out why if you are renewing or applying for a mortgage. Banks want to see the full tax package.

Wishing you many happy returns!

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