#CareerAdvice from @QuickBooksAU MD Brad Paterson: Push Yourself & Think Big

Brad Paterson: Push Yourself and Think Big…

Push. Learn. Think. Listen. These are probably four of Brad Paterson’s favorite verbs. These verbs are part of sentences which have resonated in his life and his core values. Brad Paterson VP & Managing Director, Asia-Pacific at Intuit Push yourself. Learn new things. Think big. Listen actively. These sentences are common, concise, and simple yet very powerful if one applies them to their daily lives. These simple sentences have the power to make the common unique as well as turn your life around by 180 degrees. These sentences have been Brad Paterson’s mantra – principles he lives by. These are the same sentences that keep him dynamic and relevant no matter how many times the business landscape changes. These are what keep him at…Read More