Sweet little rural Foxboro, Ontario, Canada is being hit with another load of snow.

The question being. Would 300 feet of snow close your business on a day like today?

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300 feet is the length of my driveway. And last year I would have cried to see such snow in my driveway knowing that the old family minivan wouldn’t make it through. Although the idea of free-styling down a slippery slope does sound kind of fun! Being stuck with three kids isn’t. But back to the topic at hand. Up until February of last year I was running back and forwards between clients putting my life on the line to travel slick roads with poor visibility on a would be day like today. Frankly, looking back on that sends chills down my spine. Too many times have I seen a car spin out in front of me while travelling back from a client. Not to mention the only way to get paid was to show up!

This is the way bookkeeping used to be. Travelling to each client one day a week to sort, file, pay etc on their desktop software. Not only was this stressful for me; but also for my family. It was hard on the clients because I could only spend time with them once a week and didn’t feel comfortable taking calls from other clients on my cell. The client bill was unnecessarily high as they had to pay for my commute time. In some cases that was an hour and a half!

This all changed when I received a nice little email from Intuit. Inviting me as a ProAdvisor to try out the Quickbooks Online platform. It was a no brainer. Syncing all my clients data from the comfort of my home office. The clients took this pretty good. After all their bill got automatically reduced as I didn’t have to travel!

The login time for each client is quick with QBO (Quickbooks Online). I am now able to take random client calls by toggling screens. So much simpler than waiting for the desktop file to load and trying to remember their password in a pinch.

So today my driveway is packed full of snow. I’m home and able to tend to all client matters. The only tough decision today was choosing which type of hat to go out and shovel with. This one is pretty warm.

Rural Bookkeeper

Wishing you a slippery free day!

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