After the stop sign rolls back in, the flashing lights turn off, and that big honking diesel smelling bus leaves my driveway that’s when Moore Details Bookkeeping opens for business.

The big yellow bus in my open sign

The big yellow bus in my open sign

Being a work at home mom #WAHM has its benefits. Though truthfully speaking I’m still my slippers and just now starting to have my morning java.

Having three kids and running a home business is tricky. Some would say impossible. Other’s may say “try having four or five kids”. So here’s how I’ve been able to get my business and family to gel together.

  • Effective time management. Plan your day and your life. Listing your goals and tasks is a great way to get satisfaction out of life.
  • Plan ahead. Visualize your day before you get out of bed. What do you need to accomplish to come back to this resting place to get a good nights sleep?
  • Prepare ahead. Perhaps its a simple as packing lunches the night before. This is a must in our house. As well as having four pairs of figure skates ready to wheel into the old family minivan three times a week. Then there is the brief case which needs to be adequately stocked with office supplies and laptop for a client visit. I learned to have everything on wheels….with exception to the lunch’s! A pulled back sets you back!
  • Eat dinner together as family. It seems so bizarre to me to even mention this. But its a fact with lack of planning, goal setting and effective time management our lives quickly get out of control. All of the sudden families aren’t spending time together. Or should I say not making time to spend together. Family dinners are a time to catch up on our day and talk about future events and what we would like to do as a family.
  • Play. Yes kick off the shoes and dance. What ever makes your mojo go. Play is exercise. TV is not! Minimize the tube of so called entertainment and play. Every lifestyle is different. Here we toboggan down the lawn. Hike in the backyard. Jump on the trampoline. Get to the local arena to figure skate. Yes even this savvy momma gets out on the ice with style. What ever you choose make it fun, create memories, and remember to laugh at yourself!

Here are some neat applications for smart devices and or internet to get you started. Naturally the basic versions are free.

Goal Setting application Productivity

Task Management software Producteev

Until the next school bus rolls by. Cheers!

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