It was early January. I was frustrated with my merchant fees from my mobile processing application and still couldn’t accept debit. With all this technology there has to be a better way to accept payments from my clients.

This all changed when Amanda Wischer from Moneris Solutions contacted me. The little dear made my day completely. She said “I can help you with that”. Those words resonated with me. Really? But how? The mobile devices I use have expensive merchant fees and don’t accept debit cards, chip cards, or tap processing. Worst of all I don’t like traditional mobile apps as I would prefer the extra measure of the client entering their pin for security purposes.

Now Amanda was really patient with me. Then she proceeded to tell me about PAYD PRO by Moneris Solutions. For a small monthly fee I can accept a vast array of payment options from my clients. Best of all Debit transactions are free! Wow! This is huge for this little bookkeeper.

Here are the details as of Feb 26th 2015 for PAYD Pro by Moneris Solutions

  • monthly fee is $19.95/month
  • Debit/Interac processing are free and unlimited!!!
  • Credit card swipe/tap/chip is 2.75%
  • Manual credit card processing is 2.95%
  • Payments accepted: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Interac

This system is quite neat. I say system because it not just some dorky thing that sticks onto your smart phone. There is an actual mobile pin pad that connects to your smart phone via bluetooth. I really like this little unit as the card can be tapped for quick payments, inserted to complete debit transactions or chip embedded credit cards.

Moore Details Bookkeeping PAYD moneris transition

If I choose I can also use a rigid swiper on my iPhone that doesn’t spin around like the other companies I have tried. I’ve tested it myself. It worked the very first swipe. Something that I haven’t had success with other mobile processing apps.

Like any great accessory it has an awesome petite carrying case to keep all my goodies together.

After the sale I am able to text or email the receipt to my client. Best of all there is no paper receipt. Which is my whole pursuit in business….to be paperless!

PAYD PRO Welcome Kit Moore Details Bookkeeping

Amanda processed my application over the phone which took about 10 minutes. I had a valid business number and existing bank account so I was good to go after Moneris Solutions reviewed my application. I was surprised when the processing took only two days! My parcel of goodies arrived from Moneris Solutions just two days after speaking with Amanda. Wow!

For those who regularly review my blog I only endorse products I use. I’m a genuine gal and receive nothing but Karma from my blogging content. This gal can’t be bought! I have to be impressed. Impressed I am today!

Want more information?

Amanda Wisher can be reached at 1.877.825.0361 x4041 or

Here is a quick web link to Moneris Get PayD

Happy Processing!

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